Insights to Enhance Passenger Experience

We strive to provide real insights that help airports and airlines to meet and exceed passenger expectations.
Our Customers can count on our expertise to bring their Passenger Experience to the next level.



Our unique and modern approach, allows us to provide independent and unbiased insights in the experiences and expectations of passengers, as well as to detect missed opportunities. Based on these findings, our experts assist Airports and Airlines to enhance their passenger experience, while at the same time increasing their non-aeronautical revenue. In fact, satisfied passengers will spend more time and money with your company.


We have a young, creative, and proactive mindset. We think today of the problems of tomorrow. Optilyn goes for a very personal approach, tailored to each unique client. We know you are the expert on your business, and want to work with you to create a unique solution to your challenges.

Steven SteemanFounder

Our world is changing at a faster and faster pace. It is important for organisations to keep up with new trends, this is especialy true for airports and airlines. Passengers are becoming more and more demanding, their voices grow louder. Additionaly non-aeronautical revenues are increasingly becoming a greater share of our clients total revenue. Seeing these trends made me decide to found Optilyn. Together with my colleagues, we use our insights and expertise to help airports and airlines understand and react to these changes, while we advice them how to achieve higher profits, and improve their passenger experience.


Customer Satisfaction

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Passenger Experience

Passenger Experience is defined as the experiences and impressions of passengers across all touchpoints on their journey. It is essential to evaluate this experience through the passenger's eyes.

  • Understand passenger values and requirements
  • Evaluate Tools for collecting and analysing feedback
  • Identify pain points and missed opportunities
  • Happy staff leads to happy passengers
  • Future traveler needs, because tommorow is just around the corner.
  • Focus on impact
  • ...


Airports need to distinguish themselves from their competition by offering modern and functional facilities, a pleasant experience, and a seamles passenger journey.

  • Commuting to and from the airport
  • Airport communications
  • Wayfinding from curb to gate
  • Impressions, both conscious and unconscious
  • Queing, because nobody likes to wait
  • Staff, airport's human representatives
  • PRMs require specialized facilities
  • Cleanliness can make or break an experience
  • ...


Building stable relationships with passengers is essential for airlines to atract new customers and maintain loyalty. In addition, passenger satisfaction translates into increased revenue.

  • Airline comunication, in every way
  • Booking Process, the first impression.
  • Ground Facilities, from check-in to boarding.
  • Lounges and other VIP Facilities.
  • Staff, airline's human representatives
  • Impressions, both conscious and unconscious
  • Inflight service, entertainement and connectivity
  • ...

Our worldwide

In today's fast changing world, where the demands of travellers are evolving rapidly, it is essential to constantly improve and stay competitive.

Optilyn guides airports and airlines in meeting these challenges, by helping them to deliver a seamless and unforgettable passenger experience.

Based on our practical experience and our unique and modern approach we enable a higher customer satisfaction and improved non-aeronautical revenue.

We provide following services for airports and airlines aimed at making them more profitable, efficient, and customer-centric.

Our Passenger Experience Assessments provide a thorough assessment of the whole passenger journey. The aim of these assessments is to find out on how passengers experience the airport or the airline, and to identify flaws and missed opportunities. What our clients appreciate the most, are our honest reporting methods which allow them to get clear and powerfull insights into their performance, as wel as our eye for detail and insights in how little things can make a huge difference.

Through our consulting services, we strive to solve specific questions concerning passenger experience for airports and airlines. When designing solutions, we make sure that they not only meet the expectations of today's passengers, but will continue to meet future demands. Besides, our expertise can be valuable to complement a design team with a passenger oriented vision. Optilyn helps airports and airlines to stay modern, profitable and sustainable companies, ensuring long lasting success.

We continuously expand our expertise by performing internal research. We travel the world to find the best examples and the newest solutions on the market. This allows us to offer our clients the best possible service at any given time. In this way, we know how to make even the world's best airports and airlines that little bit better. We also perform research projects for clients, providing them better insights in e.g. the influences of technologies on passenger experience, and spending.



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